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Lead create strong relationships and model a focus on higher purpose while discouraging self-serving behaviors.

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Executive and Team Coaching — provide targeted development and lasting behavioral change. The coach and coachee relationship serves as a model for strong relationships and improves the leader's skills to build relationships
with others. Team coaching strengthens relationships through collaborative
skill building.


» Executive coaching engagements — guide leaders to significant behavior
     change and performance enhancement

» Team coaching engagements — teams that learn together, perform together

Leaders Commitment create an environment where employees thrive, engage, and derive satisfaction from their work. The leader prioritizes strong relationships and does not tolerate self serving behaviors.

Key Elements:
Develop employees through coaching, learning and assignments.

Empower employees to make significant contributions and decisions.

Collaborate within the team and between teams. Engage the right resources to leverage

                           diverse perspectives.

Shared Risk-taking to ensure employees are comfortable taking risks.

» Coach leaders on leader's commitment

» Implement leader's commitment approach across organization


Impacts relationships by:

• Developing leaders that focus on building mutually

    beneficial relationships

• Creating environments that promote inclusiveness

• Sharing risk to promote innovation

• Engaging employees to run the business

• Modeling great leadership


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