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What our clients are saying

"Bryan is the perfect example of a heart and mind centered leader who truly cares about all of those he leads and develops. His vast experience in organization development and learning spans some of the most transformational times in the history of change management and large scale organization change. He consistently commands the respect of those he develops, mentors, coaches, and leads because of his devotion to serve with integrity, ethics, honesty, and a deep care for the foundation of the field of talent management and organization development. I give my highest recommendation for Bryan Miller - his leadership, knowledge and expertise is exemplary and strong."


Louis Carter

Best Practice Institute

"It was great working with Bryan when he joined our Org Design & Effectiveness last year to work on multiple change management projects. In a short period of time, he managed to connect naturally with many members from the team and outside it, presenting himself as a true and reliable partner who is always ready to add value and help the team prosper and achieve its objectives. He showed clear ability to understand the context behind several of the consultancy requests we received, and to work collaboratively with the team and its partners and clients toward reaching a deeper understanding of the problem at hand, the different options to resolve it, and to drive the execution process successfully. One key highlight of the experience with Bryan is the positive spirit that he brought to the team."


Anwar A Al-Shammari

Org. Design & Effectiveness at SABIC

"Bryan is a smart, collaborative, motivating leader. Bryan pushed me to think differently and approach problems from different perspectives. He cares about the development of his team individually and as a whole. He is passionate about creating and promoting a collaborative work culture. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Bryan and how he conducts himself and would not hesitate to work with him at any point in the future."


Baxter Krutch

VP Human Resources

Lennox International

"Bryan Miller is a 'big thinker' with a broad range of experience in Talent Management. He can run a department with efficiency. He can work with the highest-level executives in an organization, distilling their vision into action plans and initiatives that truly reflect an organization's values and culture. Highly recommended as a business partner within any large-scale entity that will give Bryan the resources to get results."


Karl Corbett

Managing Partner

Sherpa Coaching

"Bryan brings an unusual level of business acumen and curiosity to his work. As a result, he's constantly watching for new and better ways to improve the talent of the companies where he works. He also thinks in terms of how improved skills impact the results of the business. Its great to see this kind of thinking in someone in talent development."


Ed Eppley


The Eppley Group

"I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Bryan on multiple occasions. We have worked on projects together at: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company - designing and implementing methods for driving cultural change that lead to increased Project Management Maturity. Bryan brought a depth of knowledge and practical experience in change management to the team. Baldwin Wallace University - When I need a corporate expert to bring real world experience into the classroom, I have reached out to Bryan. He is always willing to share his insights on leadership, driving change and the value of collaboration. Bryan's experience matched with his approachable style makes him easy to work with. Bryan has depth of knowledge (in leadership, change management, collaboration as well as other topics), mastery in application and cares about the people he is working with. It is for these reasons, that I recommend Bryan and look forward to opportunities to work with Bryan in the future."


Lynda Carter


Competitive Edge Consulting

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