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Align vision/mission above self-interest to create strong relationships.

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Talent Strategy a formal agreement among the leadership team. Good talent strategy creates an environment that prioritizes collective success over self serving pursuits. Documenting and disseminating your talent strategy serves as a communication tool to create consistency across the organization.


» Analyze and make recommendations to optimize your current talent strategy

» Facilitate a leadership talent strategy session

» Implement talent strategy

Performance Management is a business tool not an HR process. When designed and enacted correctly, it can be invaluable to implementing your strategy and running the business. By focusing the employee and manager on the work of the business, performance management provides the foundation for strong relationships. Using feedback from multiple sources promotes strong relationships across the organization.


» Review and make recommendations for current performance management process

» Design performance management process

» Implement performance management process


Impacts relationships by:

• Creating clear common goals

• Setting clear expectations

• Focusing employees on the right things

• Reducing unhealthy competition between employees

• Pulling focus away from self serving behaviors


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