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Doing business today has presented us all with new challenges. Less in person meetings, etc., but there are a lot of tools to allow us to navigate this new way of doing business. At bsh we are flexible and will find a solution that works best for you.

Doing Business Today


Inspire strong relationships that focus on meaningful work, have a desire to change, and embrace collective success.


We change culture by impacting the way work is accomplished. We leverage Focused Talent Management to create an environment where strong relationships thrive. At bsh, we define strong relationships as being focused on meaningful work, having a desire to change, and embracing collective success. We focus on relationships because they are a critical element of any culture; strong relationships are at the core of great cultures.

We Are Culture Oriented


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Focused Talent Management (FTM)
starts with purpose to engage employees in driving value to the business.




learn vision/mission above self-interest to create strong relationships. create strong relationships and model a focus on higher purpose while discouraging self-serving behaviors.

...on continuous improvement, decision making, and being better together. creating shared, continuous learning. Focus on making each other and the business better.

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Bryan is passionate about helping organizations transform through strong relationship and Focused Talent Management (FTM).


Bryan has over 20 years in talent management working internally as head of talent management and as an external consultant. He has worked with small businesses to Fortune 200 companies including non profits. Bryan is comfortable with and passionate about working with all levels of the organization. He has been successful working with front line through C Suite across all regions including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.  


Throughout his corporate career, Bryan was responsible for overall talent management. His innovative and collaborative approaches resulted in unique solutions to increase the contribution of individuals and teams. As a leader, Bryan engaged his teams by creating an environment of development, empowerment, collaboration, and shared risk.


Bryan refined his natural talent for creating a vision, developing strategies, and motivating organizations to accomplish the vision throughout his career. Bryan successfully built the talent function for three different organizations, designed and implemented a change function in four organizations, and a project management office in one organization. His collaborative approach creates solutions relevant in context and leverages diverse thoughts and ideas.


Bryan’s education includes a BS Business Administration with a focus in Management and Marketing from Penn State University and a MS Positive Organization Development and Change from Case Western Reserve University. He has also completed executive education at Harvard University in Strategic Human Resource Management and MIT in Leading Change in Complex Organizations. Bryan is certified in a wide range of assessments and finds the data valuable in helping individuals and teams improve performance.


When Bryan isn’t helping organizations transform, he enjoys spending time with his wife Sherri, and daughter Hannah in Westerville, OH near Columbus. He also enjoys coaching girls’ tournament fastpitch softball where he leverages the game of softball to teach young ladies life skills.



we seek true meaning by going beyond facts. We choose direct and open communication over ambiguous and evasive communication.


your circumstances and goals are unique. Although we leverage best practice and experience, we consider your context in solution design, decision making, and implementation.


we leverage the diversity and knowledge of your organization by using collaboration to include varied perspectives, generate multiple ideas and evaluate potential solutions that lead to the best results.


we encourage productive conflict by attacking issues, not people.


we constantly look to build your internal skills and abilities. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job.


you are our priority. Our job is to support your success.

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