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One Core Purpose

Inspire strong relationships that focus on meaningful work, have a desire to change, and prioritize organization success.

Great companies understand that who they hire and the environment they put them in are equally important.

bsh Talent Consulting:

Create an environment where
everyone thrives


Partnering with you to create environments where all talent in your organization thrives and serves organizational purpose.

FPC Executive Search:
(a sister company of bsh)
Find and win great talent


Partnering with you to win top talent with the right technical and leadership skills to move your organization forward.


We change culture by impacting relationships and changing the way work is accomplished.


Through executive recruiting (FPC) and talent consulting (bsh), we create environments where strong relationships thrive. We focus on relationships because they are a critical element of any culture; strong relationships are at the core of great cultures.


At bsh, we define strong relationships as being focused on meaningful work, having a desire to change, and prioritizing organization success.

We Are Culture Oriented


Focused Talent Management (FTM)

Focused Talent Management is designed to remove self-serving behaviors by inspiring strong relationships. FTM serves four critical business purposes – Align, Lead, Collaborate, and Learn. By starting with purpose, talent management connects people to the business and each other. As people invest their energy to serve a higher purpose, they build strong relationships that focus on meaningful work, have a desire to change, and prioritize organization success. The result is culture where everyone thrives.

Strong relationships are at the core of great cultures
SketchLines_Double.png vision/mission above self-interest to create strong relationships. create strong relationships and model a focus on higher purpose while discouraging self-serving behaviors.


...on continuous improvement, decision making, and being better together. creating shared, continuous learning. Focus on making each other and the business better.


Talent Strategy

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Change Management

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